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Wildland Fire Sign Systems

Wildland Fire System 1 
System 1 - Fold & Roll™ (Diamond Shaped Signs Only)

Designed for compact storage size and super fast deployment, the Fold & Roll™ sign system offers unmatched performance in the always demanding fire and emergency response fields. The Fold & Roll™ system allows the sign be left on the stand while being stored in the smallest space or compartment. Deploying in under 20 seconds, this system allows users to focus more fully on the task at hand For more information, see the Fold & Roll™ System page. This sign system is for 36" and 48"diamond-shaped signs only.

System 2 (Square or Diamond-Shaped Signs)

Standard roll-up signs, available in diamond, square, or rectangular shapes, come with fiberglass cross braces. To deploy, just unroll the
sign, rotate the horizontal rib, and engage the corners. Two types of stands are available for use with standard roll-up signs: the single spring Uniflex™ or the no-spring DynaLite™ stand .