About Us

In 1886 Casper Dicke had a dream. Like many other pioneers of his era he followed that dream and founded a company of his own: a company not built with money or assets, but with sweat, determination and a relentless commitment to providing his customers with the highest quality product available. This same philosophy has been the cornerstone of the Dicke Tool Company for over 135 years. In 1928, Richard Byrd became the first man to set foot on the South Pole; the harshest, most uninhabitable place on earth. By this time, Casper’s namesake company had already been supplying the world for over forty years and Byrd’s expedition decided to use equipment designed and manufactured by Dicke. The expedition’s experiences proved the quality of tools that had to function where every motion was a test of endurance, toughness and survivability. Afterwards, the success of his endeavor took its place in history and his subsequent note of appreciation still occupies an honored place in the archives of Dicke Tool Company.

Dicke Tool history didn’t stop there. Our products proved themselves admirably in the crucible of two world wars and even before the conception of the interstate highway system, Dicke was supplying integral roadside worksite sign systems all across the country. Whether it was stringing lines in North Africa, battling the cold in the Antarctic, constructing and repairing thousands of miles of roads across the USA; in trenches, manholes, on line poles, in aerial buckets, in air land, sea; in mud, rain and snow; day or night Dicke products were there. Since then, Dicke products have continued to make workers more efficient, protect valuable property and save lives. Dicke products performed then and they continue to perform now. From the same location that it occupied before the development of the telephone, the airplane and the automobile, Dicke Tool Company continues to design and produce a variety of safety and tool products, supplying customers all over the world.

The current Dicke Tool is dynamic, continually changing and constantly developing new ways to satisfy our customers. Our modern facility continues to manufacture products with ever greater efficiency, all the while holding the high quality standard that has been our heritage since Casper’s day. Our network of sales professionals augments the technical expertise of our inside staff of product development and customer service personnel. Dicke Tool Company is the holder of many patents in their field, the mark of a true innovator, continually advancing their quality objective. These innovations make you able to rely on Dicke for a quality solution to your problem. In the past, product improvements pioneered by Dicke have gained wide acceptance as the standard in the industry. This depth of experience in product design and development gives us an excellent background for realizing your specific product requirements. If you need a tool to fit the job or just fit in your truck, a call to our sales department will let us work with you to create a high quality, cost effective answer to your problem.