Low visibility is one of the most serious hazards facing workers along our nation’s roadways today.

ANSI/ISEA 107-2015 is a nationally recognized performance based standard for high-visibility apparel. By using an ANSI class garment the user maximizes their visibility to the motorist. The standard offers three classes of garments based on worker hazards, complexity of the work zone, vehicular traffic and speed considerations. ANSI Class 2 and Class 3 garments require 360 degree retro-reflectivity with specific criteria regarding width, placement and spacing of the tape, along with color brightness of the background material. Class 3 garments also require sleeves with reflective tape.

V1000 Safety Vest

Adjustable Class 2 safety vest, break-away design.

Class 3 Safety Vests

Short sleeve style with multiple pockets, zipper closures, and additional reflective stripes on the sleeves. Triple trim contrasting stripe design and reflective bias trimmed vests are included.

Class 2 Safety Vests

Options include two material choices, closure type, stripe style, and pocket options.

Fire Resistant Safety Vests

Flame resistant mod-acrylic material in both mesh and solid, multiple styles. American made!

Pants, Shin Reflectors, and Caps

High visibility mesh and solid polyester pants and mesh shin reflectors.

T-Shirts and Polo Shirts

General Purpose, Class 2, and Class 3 shirts with breast pocket.


Hooded Class 3 sweatshirts in pullover and zipper styles.

Bomber Jackets and Parkas

Feature-packed high visibility Class 3 jackets and parkas, available with permanent or removable fleece liner.

Rain Wear and Windbreakers

High visibility, 100% waterproof Class 3 rain jackets and pants. Windbreakers are weather resistant.