In High Intensity D-Cell Barricade Light

  • Exceeds I.T.E. and MUTCD standards
  • Tested in an approved independent laboratory to I.T.E. Type B requirements
  • LED uses 2 or 4 D-cell batteries (not included)
  • Mono-directional lens with visor to eliminate sun glare
  • Three modes: Flashing/Dim, Flashing/No Dim, Off
  • Light dims 50% at night to extend battery life
  • Lenses molded from UV stabilized polycarbonate
  • Case is high impact polypropylene
  • B4DH standard package: 10 lights, 10 bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 socket. Pkg. weight: 18 lbs


D-Cell Battery Case

Snap in battery case holds four D-cell batteries. Case features battery direction indicators.

B4DH Hardware Pack

Included in every box of 10 lights are 10 bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 wrench.

B4DH Mode Switches

Selectable on/off and mode switches are accessed through the bottom of the lens.