ES4D – EcoSynchro™

Economical Sequential D-Cell Barricade Light

  • Economical sequential warning lights provide for smooth and gradual traffic movement from one lane to another
  • Sequential warning lights are referenced in the 2009 MUTCD – Sect. 6F.83
  • When the lights deployed they give the visual impression of a single Type A intensity light source traveling a clear path along the taper from front to back
  • Flash rate: 60 pulses per minute
  • Deploys in any order – no master or slave, each light automatically detects it’s position in the sequence
  • LED light source
  • Photo cell automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Continuous operation of about 165 days before the batteries need to be changed
  • Designed to maintain a constant light output as the battery voltage drops over time
  • Mono-directional flashing for nighttime use only
  • Operates on four D-Cell batteries (not included)
  • Standard package includes 10 lights, 10 – bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 socket


D-Cell Battery Case

Snap in battery case holds four D-cell batteries. Case features battery direction indicators.

ES4D Hardware Pack

Included in every box of 10 lights are 10 bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 wrench.