Fold & Roll® Series Sign System

The Fold & Roll® sign and stand combination brings ultra compact system storage and lightning fast deployment to work zones and emergency traffic control zones. Designed so that a full 48″ sign and stand combo fits easily into the trunk of a squad car or a small storage compartment on a truck, the Fold & Roll® sets up faster than any other system in the industry allowing workers to concentrate fully on task at hand.

  • Meets MUTCD specifications, NCHRP-350 compliant.
  • The DF3003X-48 versions are MASH approved.
  • Sign detaches from stand for changeability of legends.
  • Stand features the Stablock™ sign holder, telescoping legs with kick releases, and torsion spring system which reacts smoothly to gusty wind conditions.
  • Systems include a double flagholder and two 18″ vinyl flags.
  • Additional color and material choices are available, see below.

Work Zone Traffic Control

Model NumberSign SizeColor / MaterialSign OnlyStand OnlySystem WeightStorage Size
DF3000X-3636" x 36"Orange / Super Bright™ Reflective3000XP-36DF3000S28#7" x 8" x 36"
DF3000X36MAR36" x 36"Orange / High Performance Marathon™ Reflective3000XP-36MARDF3000S28#7" x 8" x 36"
DF3000X36-NR36" x 36"Orange / Non-Reflective Vinyl3000XP-36NRDF3000S27#7" x 8" x 36"
DF3003X-48 48" x 48"Orange / Super Bright™ Reflective3000XP-48DF3003S32#7" x 8" x 45"
DF3003X-48MAR48" x 48"Orange / High Performance Marathon™ Reflective3000XP-48MARDF3003S32#7" x 8" x 45"
DF3003X-48NR48" x 48"Orange / Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl3000XP-48NRDF3003S31#7" x 8" x 45"

Emergency Traffic Control

Model NumberSign SizeColor / MaterialSign OnlyStand OnlySystem WeightStorage Size
DF3000X36PNK36" x 36"Pink / Super Bright™ Reflective3000XP-36PNKDF3000S28#7" x 8" x 36"
DF3003X48PNK 48" x 48"Pink / Super Bright™ Reflective3000XP-48PNKDF3003S32#7" x 8" x 45"


Lightning Fast Set-Up

From stored to fully deployed in less than 20 seconds!

Compact Storage

The sign and stand stay together and fit easily in the truck of a squad car or in a small storage compartment on a truck.

Stablock™ (S) Sign Holder

Changing signs is a snap with our Stablock™ sign holder. Sign locks in place automatically and is easily removed with the press of a button.


Signs become more versatile with the addition of overlays. Hundreds of sign/overlay combinations are available on request.

Sign Materials and Colors:

Super Bright™ Reflective

(Orange, White, Pink, Yellow)

High Performance Marathon™ Reflective

(Orange, White, Lime Yellow/Green)

Solid Non-Reflective

(Orange, White)