Ladder Stabilizig Strap

Laddermate™ is a unique ladder safety product specifically designed to stabilize a straight or extension ladder when used on a utility pole (or other cylindrical object such as a light pole,piling, I-beam post, etc.).When properly used, Laddermate™ effectively eliminates the destabilizing “twisting” motion most responsible for ladder-on-pole mishaps. Because Laddermate™ is so quick and easy to use, it makes elaborate, time-consuming rope lash methods obsolete. The first telephone operating companies to fully implement Laddermate™ found that ladder related accidents dropped sixty percent!

LM100 – Bottom Strap

  • Secures ladder to utility poles
  • Meets OSHA requirements for ladder safety
  • Independent laboratory tested
  • Specially woven military specification canvas material with mildew inhibitors and wear indicator thread embedded in the webbing
  • Reliable military specification hardware

LM200 – Top Strap

  • Secures the top of the ladder to a pole or strand
  • Provides an extra level of safety and stability when used with the LM100
  • Meets OSHA requirements for ladder safety
  • Laboratory tested
  • Special red nylon webbing material
  • Reliable military specification hardware

Storage Bags

  • Heavy duty mesh bag stores and protects LadderMate™ straps
  • Zipper closure
  • LMB – Bag only
  • LMBH – Bag w/Hook
Model NumberDescription
LM100Bottom Strap Only
LM100BBottom Strap with LMB Bag
LM100CBLM100 with LMBH Bag and Hook
LM200Top Strap Only
LM200BTop Strap with LMB Bag
LM100CBTop Strap with LMBH Bag and Hook
LMBBag Only
LMBHBag with Hook