Barricade Lights

AC4D Series

D-Cell LED barricade light features two modes of operation: Type A (flashing) and Type C (steady burn).


Solar powered version of our popular AC4D barricade light.


Type B high intensity D-Cell LED barricade light for daytime and nighttime use.


Solar powered version of our B4DH  high intensity Type B barricade light.

TLL Series

6-Volt LED barricade lights.

ES4D – Sequential

Economical sequentially flashing D-Cell barricade light system.

WSCD – Sequential

Sequentially flashing 6-Volt barricade light system.

Pro-B-Lite Sequential Series

Five sequentially flashing 6-Volt barricade lights in a recharging base.

Light Accessories

Multiple items (bolts, sockets, etc.) for use with our barricade lights.