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Fold & Roll Sign System - Construction-Maintenance and Emergency Traffic Control

DF3000X Series (Orange Signs) - Overlays sold separately

The DF3000XP series Fold & Roll Sign System™ utilizes a collapsible leg and panel design for compact storage and ease of transport to and from the work zone. The need for separate storage locations for stand and sign is eliminated. The Dicke patented leg kick release and snap-in hub mechanism insures quick, hassle free set-up allowing crews to be more productive and safer.

- Meets MUTCD specifications, NCHRP-350 compliant.
- Dual torsion spring system which reacts smoothly to gusty wind conditions.
- Sign panel detaches from stand for changeability of legends via the Stablock panel holder.
- Telescoping legs with kick releases feature three locking positions for storage and set-up on eneven terrain..
- All systems include a double flagholder and two 18" vinyl flags.
- Storage bags are available, BFR48 (for the 48" system) and BFR36 (for the 36" system). More information on bags available here.
- Sign faces are made of orange reflective and non-reflective material. Other reflective colors available on request.

DF3000XPNK Series (Pink Signs) - Overlays sold separately

The DF3000XPNK Fold & Roll™ sign and stand combination brings ultra compact system storage and lightning fast deployment to emergency traffic control. Designed so that a full 48" sign and stand combo fits easily into the trunk of a squad car or a small storage compartment on a truck, the Fold & Roll™ sets up far faster than any other sign system in the industry allowing responders to concentrate fully on the task at hand.

Sign faces are made of fluorescent pink reflective material recommended by the FHWA and NFPA for use at emergency scenes.

Model Sign Size - Material Sign Color Stand Only Sign Only Overlay
DF3000X36 36" - Superbright Reflective Orange DF3000S 3000XP-36 FPO36R
DF3000X36MAR 36" - Marathon Reflective Orange DF3000S 3000XP-36MAR FPO36MAR
DF3000X36NR 36" - Solid Non-Reflective Orange DF3000S 3000XP-36NR FPO36NR
DF3003X48 48" - Superbright Reflective Orange DF3003S 3000XP-48 FPO48R
DF3003X48MAR 48" - Marathon Reflective Orange DF3003S 3000XP-48MAR FPO48MAR
DF3003X48NR 48" - Solid Non-Reflective Orange DF3003S 3000XP-48NR FPO48NR
DF3000X36PNK 36" - Superbright Reflective Pink DF3000S 3000XP-36PNK FPO36PNK
DF3003X48PNK 48" - Superbright Reflective Pink DF3003S 3000XP-48PNK FPO48PNK