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Stop/Slow Paddles - Rigid

Stop Slow Paddles - Rigid 
Rigid Aluminum and Plastic

Rigid stop/slow paddles are available in both 18" and 24" octagon versions with reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Choose either plastic or aluminum substrates. All rigid stop/slow paddles come with a 12" ABS plastic handle attached, full-length extension handles available to accommodate various paddle heights requirements.

- Our Stop/Slow paddles meet all MUTCD specifications.
- STOP/STOP (-ST/ST) versions available in 18" non-reflective and engineer grade reflective surface.
- Your choice of 18" or 24" octagon.
- Unique snap together handle design, click here for paddle handle details.

Model Octagon Size Sign Material
A18EGA 18" Engineering Grade Reflective
A24EGA 24" Engineering Grade Reflective
A18HIA 18" High Intensity Reflective
A24HIA 24" High Intensity Reflective
A18DGA 18" Diamond™ Grade Reflective
A24DGA 24" Diamond™ Grade Reflective
Plastic - ST/ST models have STOP on front and back sides
Model Octagon Size Sign Material
P18NRA 18" Non-Reflective
P18NRA-ST/ST 18" Non-Reflective
P24NRA 24" Non-Reflective
P18EGA 18" Engineering Grade Reflective
P18EGA-ST/ST 18" Engineering Grade Reflective
P24EGA 24" Engineering Grade Reflective
P18HIA 18" High Intensity Reflective
P24HIA 24" High Intensity Reflective
P18DGA 18" Diamond Grade™ Reflective
P24DGA 24" Diamond Grade™ Reflective
Extension Handles Only (for Aluminum and Plastic models)
Model Description
P51A One pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (5' P51A extension + paddle handle = 6')
P52A Two pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (5' P52A extension + paddle handle = 6')
P52AT Telescopic handle for 6' and 7' height* requirements  (2 height settings)
P61A One pc. handle for 7' height* requirement  (6' P61A  extension + paddle handle = 7')
P62A Two pc. handle for 6' height* requirement  (6' P62A extension + paddle handle = 7')
*Paddle height is measured from the bottom edge of the octagon sign face to the ground.