Stacker™- DSB100 Series Sign Stands

For Roll-Up Signs

The DSB100 Stacker™ sign stand displays both 36″and 48″ roll-up signs. Made of rubber from recycled tires, the DSB100 has a small foot print, compact storage, and several different models from which to choose. DSB100 features a Latch style pocket sign holder for standard roll-up signs, the DSB100-W comes with the Screwlock™ universal roll-up sign holder, the DSB100-P is has a Post and Tube style sign holder. Footprint is 20″wide x 28″ long.

Model NumberSign HeightSign Holder TypeWeightMASH
DSB100 / DSB100L* 12"Latch42#Yes
DSB100P*18"Post & Tube43#No

*Dicke West exclusive


Latch Type Sign Holder

Standard on the DSB100 and DSB100L stands, signs are held in place by capturing the bottom rectangular plastic pocket on 36″ and 48″ roll-up signs.

Screwlock™ (W) Sign Holder

Universal clamp style sign holder. Firmly holds all roll-up signs that have a 1-1/4″ wide vertical fiberglass rib.

Post & Tube (P) Sign Holder*

Holds signs that are equipped with a 1″ square adapter tube.

*Dicke West exclusive


Compact storage – A stack of 4 DSB100 stands is only 12″ high.