Stop/Slow Paddles

  Roll-Up Style

Roll-Up Stop/Slow paddles offer full size paddles in a compact, lightweight, and easy to store design. Available in 18″ and 24″ octagons and in a variety of reflective and non-reflective materials, these kits come complete with double sided roll-up sign face, handle, and storage bag.

  • Roll-up Stop/Slow paddles meet all MUTCD specifications.
  • Available in reflective (Super Bright™, Diamond Grade™, High Performance Marathon™) or non-reflective vinyl.
  • Your choice of 18″ or 24″ octagon.
  • Staff options include telescopic and 3 piece snap together models
    providing 6′ and 7′ display heights (from bottom of sign to ground).
  • Kits include the sign face, handle sections, and protective storage bag.
  • Fact Sheet

2-pc. Staff – 6′ Height

2-pc. Staff – 7′ Height

Model NumberSizeMaterial
NR183A18"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243A24"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183A18"Super Bright™ Reflective
SB243A24"Super Bright™ Reflective
DG183A18"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
DG243A24"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
MR183A18"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective
MR243A24"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective
Model NumberSizeMaterial
NR183A618"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243A624"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183A618"Super Bright™ Reflective
SB243A624"Super Bright™ Reflective
DG183A618"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
DG243A624"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
MR183A618"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective
MR243A624"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective

Telescopic Staff – 6′ and 7′ Heights

Model NumberSizeMaterial
NR183AT18"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
NR243AT24"Solid Non-Reflective Vinyl
SB183AT18"Super Bright™ Reflective
SB243AT24"Super Bright™ Reflective
DG183AT18"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
DG243AT24"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
MR183AT18"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective
MR243AT24"High Performance Marathon™ Reflective

  Roll-Up Style with LED Lights

  Rigid Style

Rigid stop/slow paddles are available in both 18″ and 24″ octagon versions with reflective and non-reflective surfaces. Choose either aluminum or ABS plastic substrates. All rigid stop/slow paddles come with a 12″ ABS plastic handle attached. Full-length one and two-piece staffs available to accommodate various paddle heights requirements.

  • Meet all MUTCD specifications.
  • Your choice of 18″ or 24″ octagon.
  • STOP/STOP and custom versions are available on request.
  • Fact Sheet

ABS Plastic Stop/Slow Paddles

Model NumberSizeMaterial
P18EGA18"Engineer Grade™ Reflective
P24EGA24"Engineer Grade™ Reflective
P18HIA18"High Intensity™ Reflective
P24HIA24"High Intensity™ Reflective
P18DGA18"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
P24DGA24"Diamond Grade™ Reflective

Aluminum Stop/Slow Paddles

Model NumberSizeMaterial
A18EGA18"Engineer Grade™ Reflective
A24EGA24"Engineer Grade™ Reflective
A18HIA18"High Intensity™ Reflective
A24HIA24"High Intensity™ Reflective
A18DGA18"Diamond Grade™ Reflective
A24DGA24"Diamond Grade™ Reflective

Staff Options

Model NumberDescription
P51AOne-piece for 6' display height*
P52ATwo-piece for 6' display height*
P61AOne-piece for 7' display height*
P62A2-piece for 7' display height*
P52ATTelescopic for 6' and 7' display heights*

*Display height is measured from the ground to the bottom edge of the sign face