DynaLite™ – DL1000 Series

No Spring Stands for Roll-Up and RigidSigns

Our DynaLite™ series offers non-spring, lightweight, compact stands designed to display 36″ or 48″ roll-up and rigid signs. Made of powder coated steel and aircraft quality aluminum, these stands are rugged and dependable.

• MUTCD and NCHRP-350 compliant, selected models crash tested to MASH.
DynaLite™ compact stands for rollup signs offer multiple methods of sign attachment: Screwlock™, which quickly and firmly clamps to the vertical fiberglass rib, the “P” Post & Tube mounts which accommodate signs equipped with 1″ square tube adapters, or the (L) Latch style sign holder which holds the sign by bottom plastic pocket.
SDL1000 and DL1000 compact stands have 22″ legs that telescope to 38”.
• DL1003 compact stands have 30″ legs that telescope to 51”.
• SDL1008 and DL1008 full size stands have 42″ legs.
DynaLite™ full size stands feature telescopic vertical masts and triple flagholders and are designed to display 36″ or 48″ signs.
• The SDL1008-RGB stand comes with brackets to hold rigid signs.
• Foot operated leg releases quickly lock legs in one of three positions to allow for storage or deployment on uneven terrain.

Model NumberSign HeightSign Holder TypeLeg TypeMASH
DL1000P*18""P" Post & Leg TubeAluminumNo
DL1000W12""W" Screwlock™AluminumNo
DL1000W12""L" LatchAluminumNo
DL1008 VariableClamp or RU BracketAluminumYes**
SDL1000P*18""P" Post & TubeSteelNo
SDL1000W 12""W" Screwlock™SteelYes
SDL1000L 12""L" LatchSteelNo
SDL1008VariableClamp or RU BracketSteelNo
SDL1008-RGBVariableRigid Sign BracketsSteelNo

*Dicke West exclusive                       **MASH approved with a 48″ roll-up sign with clamp, 18″ off the ground


DL1008 and SDL1008

Full size stands for roll-up signs adjust for multiple display heights.

Screwlock™ (W) Sign Holder

Universal clamp style sign holder. Firmly holds all roll-up signs that have a 1-1/4″ wide vertical fiberglass rib.

Post & Tube (P) Sign Holder*

Holds signs that are equipped with a 1″ square adapter tube.

*Dicke West exclusive

Latch (L) Sign Holder

Signs are held in place by capturing the bottom rectangular plastic pocket on standard roll-up signs.

Brackets for Full Size Stands

Full size stands for roll-up signs feature the RUB3315 bracket, the STF1008-RGB for rigid signs comes with the RGB-4000 bracket set.