High Intensity Solar/D-Cell Barricade Light

The B4DH-SL is a dual Solar/D-cell high intensity barricade light which is powered by a solar panel, D-cell batteries, or a combination of both. Combining power supplies provides longer operational life and greatly reduces the frequency of battery changes thus increasing worker safety and reducing battery disposal. During daylight hours the solar panel charges the batteries, even in overcast conditions.

  • Exceeds ITE standards and MUTCD visibility specifications
  • Independently tested by a Coast Guard approved laboratory
  • High intensity (Type B) with LED light source operates on 2 or 4 D-cell batteries (not incl.), onboard solar charging cells, or a combination of both
  • Maintenance free operational life is about 5 years in optimal conditions with the combination of quality D-Cell batteries, solar cells, and our “Smart Circuit” technology
  • Three modes: Flashing/Dim (extends battery life), Flashing/No Dim, or Off
  • Charge time: 2 days
  • Run time for solar cells (non-dim mode): 3 days. (dim mode): 5 days
  • Mono-directional lens with attached visor to eliminate sun glare
  • Features optically correct UV stabilized polycarbonate lens, high impact visor and case, and stainless steel contacts
  • May be self-certified for compliance with NCHRP-350 crash test standards
  • Standard package: 10 lights, 10 bolts, 10 switch pins, and 1 socket
  • Bolt protectors available at extra cost


D-Cell Battery Case

Snap in battery case holds four D-cell batteries. Case features battery direction indicators.

B4DH-SL Hardware Pack

Included in every box of 10 lights are 10 bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 wrench.

B4DH-SL Mode Switches

Selectable on/off and mode switches are accessed through the bottom of the lens.