WSCD – SynchroGuide™

Sequential 6-Volt Barricade Light

  • Sequential flashing warning lights provide for smooth and gradual traffic movement from one lane to another
  • Sequential lights are referenced in the 2009 MUTCD – Sect. 6F.83
  • Lights are lit continuously with a momentary increase in intensity to give motorists positive guidance through the work zone
  • Flashing mono-directional, can be used day or night
  • 6 volt circuit, will operate on one or two 6 volt batteries (not included)
  • Deploys in any order – no master or slave, each light automatically detects it’s position in the sequence
  • Steady-burns in low intensity mode and pulses momentarily to higher intensity keeping motorist in proper path and protecting work zone personnel
  • Standard package includes 10 lights, 10 – bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 socket


6-Volt Battery Case

Snap in battery case holds two 6-volt batteries. Operates on one or two batteries.

WSCD Hardware Pack

Included in every box of 10 lights are 10 bolts, 10 switch keys, and 1 wrench.